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Cas Lowood

 Theseus Cassio Lowood is a ghost hunter. His father, also a ghost hunter, was murdered by the Obeahman, an extremely powerful ghost. Cas saved Anna Korlov from the Obeahman twice and made some friends while doing it. He lives in Thunder Bay with his mother and travels to kill ghosts.


Physical DescriptionEdit

It is said that Cas has both dark hair and dark eyes. He has some scars as reminders of his job. He is also somewhat musally because of his occupation 

Personality and TraitsEdit

Special SkillsEdit

Cas kills the dead with an Athame, that seems special enough even though he is completely used to it.


His Mom: Cas's relationship with his mother is quite strong. After the death of his father, Cas grows more protective of his mother and tries to protect her from everything. The same goes his mother, after her husband's death she tries to stop him from ghost hunting, afraid that she will lose her son as well. It's clear she knows it's not possible for her to persuade him, so she goes along with him, doing whatever she can to protect him. Later in the book when Cas gets infected by the Obeahman, his mother stays by his side while he is dying and also goes along with the trap he has for the Obeahman.

Thomas Sabin: When Cas first meets Thomas he finds him nosey, arrogant, and completely unlikeable but then Thomas drags him, saving him from the monster version of Anna after Mike's gang belted it. He helps him find out what happened to Anna and how to release her from her mother's spell. After Anna was dragged into hell Thomas, alongside Carmel, helped Cas find a way to save her. Thomas becomes one of Cas's best friends. 

Carmel Jones: When searching information of Anna Korov he questions Carmel who seemed an easy girl to get the info he needs. After confronting her ex-boyfriend Mike (decreased), Carmel finds him interesting and become close friends when Anna went missing. A great listener to all his problems even when situations went out of hand.

Anna Korov: The ghost he was supposed to kill, his last hunt before he went after his father's killer. Instead Anna haunted his heart and he fell in love.

Mike Andover: Carmel Jones Ex Boyfriend. He is jealous about Carmel and Cas so he gives Cas a warning by abushing Cas in Anna's house. That is where Mike's life ends.

Will: One of Cas's fake friends (later on a potential enemy). Will was also very close friends with Mike Andover, turned against Cas when he was hesitant on killing Anna Karlov, stole Cas's Athame and injuring Anna with it in the process when Cas couldn't kill her. Becuase of his actions, he causes the Obeahman to awaken and become obsessed on feeding/killing Anna.

Morfman Sabin: { to be finished}

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